Analee Art
Paying it forward with joy and rapture!
Fiber Art
Lassen 2006- FA1 - This is my first art quilt. It was created in a 2-day workshop from Rose Hughes.  Using my photo and her Freezer Paper Applique technique, the quilt was fun and easy! 

Check out Rose's  website at

"Azaleas -2008"
Hand chain stitched motif with hand braided cording couched over raw edge. Embroidered lady bug.

Chester 2006 WA1 - This is my first purse. I stitched "Chester" during a 3-day visit to Lew and Debbie Holden in Chester, CA. To see more stitchery panels visit

   New fiber art and wearable art items will be shown here, as they are completed.  I will be sure to include "creative links" for those of you who are interested in taking a similar path in your creative life!

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