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 Jon and the Madagascar Vest, 2007
Jon is enjoying semi-retirement.  As a retired land use judge, he in in demand as a consultant for a variety of private and public groups in the Los Angeles City area.  His passions are traveling and reading about traveling.
    In the photo above, he is wearing the first in a series of travel vests he asked me to design and sew for him.  After I taped an episode for "Uncommon Threads" on DIY in 2006 , he asked me why I hadn't made anything for him.  I replied, "You haven't asked me to" That conversation led to my creating the chain stitch embroidered Aftrican mask motif (from African Folklore Embroidery) and learning how to sew a man's vest.
    In the years since, I have made two more vests, shown below.  It has become a family tradition. This summer he is heading for Mongolia and his vest will feature the head of a Mongolian Tahk (Prezwalshi's Horse).
Jon wearing "Mrs. McQuaries' Lorries" vest in Sydney Australia, January 2008. He is taking a photo of Vince, our great guide!

Here's the proof that Jon finally got me to Australia - Ularu, January 2008

As he left for Madagascar, he said, "I will be in Bhutan in September." Here is the Blue Thunder Dragon Vest I worked on during the summer of 2007.
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