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Pattern Quilt Project
   The Pattern Quilt Project began in 1997. When I returned to classroom teaching after 18 years as the Pasadena Unified School District Computer Resource Teacher, I wanted to share my love of handarts and give each student a special learning experience. I also wanted my students  to remember 3rd and 4th grade for more than the 3Rs and multiplication tables. This quilt shows one of the 230 quilts which were created over a nine year process. Each student learned about patterns in language, math, social science, and art. They created samples of the techniques which were applied to a 21 inch square quilt. At the end of each year the students proudly took their quilts home, along with the skills they had acquired in the Friday afternoon "stitching sessions": perseverence, patience, and pride of creating art with their own two hands!

   Over the next months, I will be showing you how you can create your own Pattern Quilt Project.  I hope you will use the ideas with your students. We need more than Open Court and Saxon Math in our daily curriculum.  The arts must be an important part of each child's schooling!

   As a veteran teacher of 36 years, I was able to integrate this project into my art, math, language, and social studies curriculum. Over the years, parents supported the program as volunteers, and it became an expected part of Mrs. Perica's class.
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